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Company History


company history

The SaddamitBD was founded in December 2017 by MD.Saddam Hossain and his friends. Before This, Saddam Hossain was working as a web developer in a IT Company.
Then he was planing to open a IT Company. Which is not only providing website but also web design, seach engine development (SEO), Content management and other services. After founded this company, they have found huge encouragement from their customer.

  • 2017

    start with a small service

    This was the time when they started their company. they have no idea how far they would go, they aren’t even sure that they would be able to survive for a few years. What drove them to start the company was the understanding that they could provide a service no one else was providing.

  • 2018

    first recognition

    By this time they have a well known name within the industry. they have been prominent members of the industry and worked for some of the biggest clients in the industry.

  • Present

    SaddamitBD — IT Company or family

    Their journey has only brought them higher. Information Technology completely changes the way they analyze and present data. They have embraced new technologies and have ensured that their clients receive cutting edge analytics. As they go on towards the future they intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to power their services.

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I found Saddam to be a creative worker, he got the job assignment completed bang on time. Saddam is a multi-talented developer. I found him to be a very like-able person, who loves his work. Nothing was too much trouble for him. In fact, I have just re-hired him to create a website for an important new artist.

Rock ‘n’ Roll.
CEO,Mosa Records, S.L.

Carl Lewis(Spain)
CEO, Mosa Records

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